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What is an FCA Camp?

Our Desire

We desire over 1500 kids to experience FCA Camp in Upstate New York this summer. The average cost per camper is $100.00. Our goal is to raise $50,000 by the kick off of our camp season in April.

Donating funds toward helping kids get to camp this summer can be a great opportunity for Foundations, Businesses and Individuals and families to really make a difference in the lives of young people in your local area. Join us today!

Progress To Date (May 1st)
$10,000 raised toward the goal of $50,000

Make an Impact Today

What can you do to support FCA Camps near you?

Donate – Helping to provide the resources for a young athlete to attend camp is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Make a donation, see giving levels below.


Volunteer – You may have background in athletics and coaching or simply a desire to serve the youth of our communities. There is room for you at FCA Camp!


Giving levels for families and groups

Platinum Sponsor – $5,000
Sends 50 kids to Camp

Camp Advertisement – Your signage & any marketing materials you provide will be displayed for the duration of the camp of your choice.

Plus Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sponsor Package

Gold Sponsor – $2,500
Sends 25 Kids to Camp

Social Media – Your company will get two sponsorship recognition posts on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) – one before and one during camp.

Plus Bronze Sponsor Package

Silver Sponsor – $1,000
Sends 10 Kids to Camp

Newsletter Recognition- Your company’s logo will be displayed in our Upstate NY Newsletter during camp season.

Plus Silver and Bronze Sponsor Package

Bronze Sponsor – $500
Sends 5 kids to Camp

Website – Your company’s logo will appear on the FCA camp page for one camp season.

SINGLE Sponsor – $100 – Send 1 kid to Camp


What FCA Camps are there near me?


FCA continues to expand its camp offerings across new sports each year. See what a difference FCA is making in the lives of young people!

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